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About  Feng Shui

Creating magical spaces involves taking into consideration three kinds of Qi.

First you have Heavenly Qi. This is the Qi from the Universe, the clouds, the Stars, and any other higher power you believe in. 

Next you have Earthly Qi. This is the energy of the Earth, which is a very literal kind of Qi. We’ve all seen lightning, we know that Heavenly Qi and Earthly Qi interact. We tend to be very disconnected from Earthly Qi, so finding ways to reconnect to that through the energy in our homes and the way we exist in the world is essential for health, for dreaming, and for our planet.

Last we have Human Qi. This is our own personal Qi. You could consider animals to be part of this or Earthly Qi. I consider them part of Earthly Qi because when we damage Mama Earth, we damage the life on her, but we separate our own Qi to be more specific in the balancing of our spaces.

I do mostly Flying Stars Feng Shui, you’re probably more familiar with modern Western adaptations. I’m going to be honest here, I think that’s fine for things that move, like boats, RV’s, or tour busses. But I tend to be a bit of a snob, and I like going straight to the source, so I do the old stuff. Including some of what’s called Form School, which looks at the shape of the land and the flow of energy through that space.

Back to Flying Stars, this style of Feng Shui is very, very old. In this form we look at the astrology of your home based on the year the home was built because this determines when the Heavenly Qi last shined down into this space. You can consider this the building’s birthday.  

Then we take a compass reading of the home (or business), to determine where the home’s relationship and money Qi are from it’s interaction with Earthly Qi. This orientation also tells us the element of the home, which is some more astrology for the building. 

Then we also look at the astrology and the element of the adults in the home (we can look at all the people who live there, but we start with the adults). This is where we bring in the Human Qi. With this we have the astrology of the people too. 

These pieces give us the foundation to understand how the energy in your home combines with your own energy. The next important step is to talk about dreams and goals. This is critical because you chose this home for a reason, it’s not always one you’ve begun to act on, but it’s your Karma. Maybe you chose a home that has great Qi for writing, or to find your soul mate. Each home has good energy and not so good energy areas, but we pretty much always have some options depending on what you see as the next stage of your life. If you’re looking to make money, we’ll do different things than if you’re looking for romance. If you’re a creative, we do different things than if you’re a banker.

With Flying Stars, the energy of the home changes every year. Technically it also changes every month and every day, but the yearly changes are bigger. They affect you more. Have you ever noticed that a space you once loved no longer feels so great, or the other way around? Yeah, that’s this energy shifting. We can use the Five Elements of Chinese Medicine to balance all this.

I’m not going to tell you to put a golden frog anywhere, or various Chinese Mirrors. In fact, most old school masters think those are pretty awful. The shifts will be caused by subtle changes that I’ll guide you through. Each year, you’d benefit from a refresher consult to update the placement of the Five Element enhancements.

I also do space clearings, this is great when you’re moving into a new home, have had any life changes, feel like the energy could be better, or just because you like space clearings. In all honesty, I do them several times a week in my own home because I think they’re wonderful, and I have a lot of people come through which can make a place feel energetically cluttered.

I can do my work in person or by video call. As long as you live somewhere that I can take a picture of the top of your home via Google Maps, then I can get a compass reading and an idea regarding the land masses around your home. Even space clearings can be done long distance. I was a skeptic about this at first myself, but after enough runs, they’re great because it’s quite easy to stay focused this way.

Who benefits from Feng Shui consultations? There are great for almost everyone, unless you live in a space where you have almost no control over what’s there, then this is hard to implement. Fun Fact: Almost everyone I’ve worked with already has a great sense of the energy in the home and has put a lot of the things I’d recommend into practice. There are some things that are not at all intuitive, so people don’t usually have those figured out. But the people who have a genuine interest in this have already choose great spaces, have done wonderful things with the space, and are looking for that extra secret sauce to make their space magical. 

If you’re a skeptic and want an easy place to start, it’s clutter. It always starts with clutter. Clearing things out so the energy can flow through the space, under the beds, and you can find what you’re looking for…start there. That’s the number one tip in Feng Shui. Nothing else works well if there’s clutter in the way.

To do this, you have to take action on the suggestions, and I need a floor-plan for your home or biz.  If you’re ready to shift the energy in your home and in your life, then this is for you.

Together we can make sure your home feels like a hug when you come in. You can have a home with energy that supports your goals and dreams. Together we can create magical spaces.

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