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Rebel Meditation-Diving Deeper

This course is designed for people who are looking to simply learn meditation. It’s especially well suited for skeptics as well as people who want a more logical and straightforward approach. This version will include some information on research that’s been done on meditation, the history and roots of the techniques, and support in learning to actually do this thing you keep hearing about. This course can go as deep as you’re willing to take it. Your commitment and follow through are what determines your outcome in this course. If you want a more magical and mystical experience, then you want my ‘Meditation Alchemy’ course. Join my mailing list to be notified the next time enrollment is open.

Meditation Alchemy

An advanced class to delve into specific meditation techniques to shift your Karma and your life. This course is designed for people who want to explore the philosophy, roots, and rituals that go along with a spiritual approach to meditation. This course will include fabulous mystical aspects of this journey. This is a course for people who enjoy a little magic in their world. If you want logic without what some might call fluff, then you’re better suited for my ‘Rebel Meditation-Diving Deeper’ class. Join my mailing list to be notified the next time enrollment is open.

Why do you call it Rebel Meditation?

Meditation, as it’s taught in the West, has developed its own culture. I studied meditation primarily in Thailand, and back home with Tibetan, and Sri Lankan teachers. I did my Medicine Buddha initiation with His Holiness, the Dalai Lama several years ago.

I’ve never felt comfortable, or at home in this Western culture of meditation. When studying for my certificate as a lay Buddhist teacher, something was said in passing that answered a question that I’d had for a long time.

I’d often heard Asian teachers say that meditation in the West is missing something. I’d wondered what that was, until my teacher said “First you have morality, then you have generosity, and then you can learn meditation”. Suddenly it all made sense, in Western meditation training they go straight to the technique, without building a foundation.

So besides teaching the foundation along with meditation, I also stubbornly insist on imperfection. In my audio, in my writing, in my way of existing.

Meditation is not a shiny thing like you see in advertising, it’s a journey. This journey often feels awkward and flawed, with occasional bouts of bliss. It’s time to forget everything you think you know about meditation. It’s time to rebel against the marketing and embark upon a deeper journey.

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