About Lauren

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I enjoy working with the energy of nature, and creating magical spaces.

My name is Lauren Bear and I've been working with Energy and the Chinese Five Elements for almost two decades. My focus is on creating a smooth flow of Chi so that you feel prosperous and at ease in your home or workspace. My teacher likes to describe what we do as making it so you feel like your home is welcoming you with a hug. I also really enjoy doing Space Clearings to refresh the energy in a space, or to create room for new beginnings.

I can help you balance the energy of your home by creating a chart that's a little like a horoscope reading for your home. This is based on the compass reading of the front and back of your home, along with the year it was built, since this is the year that the Celestial Chi was secured into your home. Combining these aspects with your personal element, and what you want more of in your life, we'll go over specific recommendations to enhance that Chi in your home. If you're looking for guidance on your furniture layout, and art, I can also help you with that.

A lot of people I meet, find out what I do and they become very self conscious. Some people think I'm judging them or their homes. That's not it at all. My job is to support you, never to judge you. Every space is specific to the individual. If you've had some experience with Feng Shui, you might have experienced a more modern form than I work with. I always enjoy going to the source, so I studied the most ancient forms of this practice. I studied through the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, with Amanda Collins. This is a spiritual science with deep roots. It's used in many of the most prosperous cities in the world for a reason.

I have studied healing, energy work, and meditation over two extended stays in Thailand. I've studied Chinese Medicine, Five Element Theory, meditation, and more in the USA through formal programs as well as with a Tibetan Lama. My background includes studies in Art as an exchange student in Germany, a forensic chemistry internship, and extensive teaching. I have a degree in Chemistry and Physics from Colorado State University.

I enjoy exploring ancient traditions, and finding how they can applied to enhance our modern lives. I personally have enjoyed terrific benefits from applying the principles of Feng Shui, and I'm so excited to give you that same opportunity.

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