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Well hello, Love.

I’ve had a bit of an unusual journey. I studied to be a Chemist, and worked for a Pharmaceutical company for a short time. I’d always been interested in things like meditation and more holistic forms of medicine, so I began my journey of discovery.

I worked in Travel for a while, and it was through I business trip that my journey really began. I was sent to Thailand, which was a place that had always fascinated me, and it was there that my current path unfurled.

Over the years, and several trips to Thailand, I’ve become deeply rooted in Eastern traditions. Always with a little bit of Thai influence. I studied Traditional Thai and Chinese Medicine, in both conventional academic settings, and with shamanic healers. I found greater depth in my meditation practice, and I’ve had the opportunity to explore Taoism, and Buddhism, along with other cultural influences.

Chinese Medicine includes eight areas including meditation and Feng Shui, so studying Feng Shui was a natural step. I became a Feng Shui Master through The Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, and the International Feng Shui School with Amanda Collins. I’m also certified by the International Feng Shui Guild, their highest certification is the Red Ribbon Professional.

The benefits I’ve experienced from meditation, and my teacher’s encouragement, led me to teach meditation. I’ve done that for almost two decades, and I’m now branching out to teaching online. Sign up for my mailing list to make sure you get updates on what’s available, and new ways you can work with me.

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