What is Thai Massage?

Thai Massage uses a combination of therapeutic pressure, with passive ‘yoga-like’ stretches that leave you feeling more comfortable, and more energetic.  Most people will find that getting a massage once a month makes a real difference in how they feel.  Some people have more tightness, pain, or aches, that cause them to feel that every three weeks is better.  A regular schedule is definitely the best way to get the most out of Thai Massage.


Balancing Thai Massage-55 Minute Treatment $80 +Tax

Full Thai Massage-85 Minute Treatment $120 +Tax

Temple Style Thai Massage-110 Minute Treatment $140 +Tax



Payments accepted include Cash, Check, Visa, MasterCard and American Express.  Scroll down to read about all the wonderful Thai Treatments offered. You can also click on the green button below and read reviews.


Traditional Thai Massage is an ancient healing system that’s considered essential medicine in Thailand.  It has it’s roots in Buddhism and Loving Kindness.  This massage is derived from stretches developed to enable monks to meditate for long periods.  Though few of us spend hours meditating in caves, many of us do have jobs that require a lot of sitting and stress.  In my opinion, cubicles are a lot like modern caves.

How do I decide?

The one hour treatment is the most common length of treatment in the West. It does a good job of balancing and relaxing the body. Most people chose this because it's easier to fit in their schedule and it's effective. 

Some people opt for an 85 minute treatment.  This allows a for little more relaxing, and thorough job of doing the massage.  I recommend this if you want a full body massage and have some areas of concern.

This is becoming my most popular treatment.  Probably because most of my clients had Thai Massage in Thailand, and they hunt me down so they can get authentic Thai Massage. The typical length of massage in Thailand is two hours (110 minutes).  Everyone in Thailand has their favorite Temple to go to for massage so I call this the Temple Thai Massage.  This extra time allows for a complete massage using four different body positions to reach muscles from different angles.  

Though I've worked with athlete's and I often help rehab injuries, my favorite clients are women who take the time to schedule their self care, and use Thai Massage to balance and refresh the body.